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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Beginnings

so back in February the Young Women had their New Beginnings.
I know, I know ... it's now MAY.  Well, I have a new computer now and it's not taking 2 hours to download a picture, I'm happy and will have more posts ... if I don't forget.

The Leaders planned a "game night" theme and the girls prepared games to go with each of their 8 values.  It was very fun, we played versions of Yahtzee, Twister and another game that I just can't remember (no offense to the lovely ladies that planned the unknown game, it's just been a few months)

Each value has a color and the cake was a Monopoly board (as if you couldn't guess).
I do have to say ... it was yummy

here's a different view ... but I like the diamond shot better

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