Christmas Countdown

Monday, November 15, 2010

cupcakes anyone can do

Friday, November 12, 2010

sometimes friends get cakes too

If you know Veggietales, then you know Larry Boy

I hope you recognize Bob the Builder

This is the Hogwarts Crest ... from Harry Potter

Thursday, November 11, 2010


3 years ago on the 8th, my Grandma left this world.  I still miss her and so does the rest of the family, she is still loved and I'm sure loves her grand babies still.

I made this cake for her.  It's a simplified version of one of the siapos she didn't finish, I have the unfinished siapo on a wall in my house.  I took her design and turned it into cake.

I love you Grandma.

Juliet's wedding cake

This wedding cake was made for my sister and I got to make whatever I wanted.  It was so fun to try and figure out what to do.  Her favorite color is yellow, so right away I wanted the cake to be yellow.  I don't know how long this was after I'd taken lesson but I liked the way the piped roses looked, so weeks before the wedding I started making roses ... 3 different sizes and it took a while.  I also made some drop flowers, those are the little flowers at the top of the tiers.

Since I got to design this cake I had to figure out what to put at the top, I found this butterfly and decided to make it.  I made enough wings for 4 butterflies, they were extremely fragile and I was glad I made extras, 2 went on the top of the cake on a mound of roses, I quite like them.

Here's a side view ... aren't they pretty

Monday, November 8, 2010

Each year, for their birthdays, my children get to pick what kind of cake they want ... spoiled little things.  Here are a few:

Charizard (he's a Pokemon) - This was a cheesecake. I had to "draw" on it with melted white chocolate.

Here's the same Charizard but on cupcakes for the kiddy party (the cheesecake was for the family).

Fondant covered cake with ... Wall-E

A Volcano cake, complete with "smoke" ... gotta love dry ice (and the fact that I didn't get a picture before party goers surrounded the cake.

Batman and Spiderman ... what more could a boy want

Club Penguin is all the rage - so here's a standing penguin and his "pet" puffles.

Diego with baby jaguar and his jeep

Here are a few wedding cakes I've done. Both were done with fondant.

The white cake with pink ribbons was made for Joanna and Eric (in 2006). 

The yellow cake with daisies was made for Chris and Becca (in 2010).