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Monday, August 15, 2011

Cookies, fondant and a little freehand

Every year my kids get to pick what kind of decorations they want on their birthday cake ... and every year this child gets more and more elaborate in his requests.  This year ... POKEMON CARD COOKIES

Did I think I could do it? not really .... BUT I totally impressed myself. 

First I needed a cookie cutter (I didn't want to just cut it, I planned on using fondant and wanted the cutter for that as well).  I ended up with this 4" square dish, big cookies right? I needed the cookies big, I had to draw on them.

I found this lovely dish at Bed Bath & Beyond, it was $1.99 (which was my favorite part).

Now, my child searched for the cards he wanted me to make.  I let him pick 12 (I should've let him pick 2, it took me hours to decorate 12 cookies).  Thursday night I made the dough and refrigerated it.  Friday I baked the cookies and made the fondant.  A N D finally, Saturday I ran to Wal-Mart to get some edible food markers and I rolled fondant and colored for 3 hours to make a measly 12 cookies for my child ... the slave driver.

Here's what I ended up making:

 Emboar was my personal favorite, I think he turned out awesome.  This was the card my son printed out for me to copy ... Emboar 

Here are those Pokemon legends ... you know, those Black & White Pokemon characters that seem to be popular right now.  

Here's Gyarados, he turned out pretty good too.  My son was hoping to get the entire card on his cookies .... I told him I couldn't, so he got the Pokemon's name, their HP and, of course, their picture.

I like this green on better than the bird, it turned out better.  The boys like Articuno though (that's the blue bird one).

This guy's name is "ho-oh lv. ex powerpoint" ... I don't really think it's an actual Pokemon, but this kids seem to think so.  It was one of the boy's favorites.  This "card" is the ugliest of the bunch, but it kind of looks like the card ... ho-oh

Here's the rest of them, I don't have much to say about them all, the one below (Samurott) was the first one that I drew.

last ones ... promise

Here's the cookies in groups of 6, I still can't believe that I made them.

And here's all 12 ... I still can't believe I made them.  I didn't trace it or print it out, this wasn't "professionally" done, I freehanded the photos from the pictures my son printed out for me.

He was thrilled! 

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