Christmas Countdown

Monday, November 8, 2010

Each year, for their birthdays, my children get to pick what kind of cake they want ... spoiled little things.  Here are a few:

Charizard (he's a Pokemon) - This was a cheesecake. I had to "draw" on it with melted white chocolate.

Here's the same Charizard but on cupcakes for the kiddy party (the cheesecake was for the family).

Fondant covered cake with ... Wall-E

A Volcano cake, complete with "smoke" ... gotta love dry ice (and the fact that I didn't get a picture before party goers surrounded the cake.

Batman and Spiderman ... what more could a boy want

Club Penguin is all the rage - so here's a standing penguin and his "pet" puffles.

Diego with baby jaguar and his jeep

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