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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cake Decorating made easy

I have not been a good blogger ... so I promise to do better.  Today I'm featuring a cake that I made before any cake decorating classes were even taken.

If you can bake and frost a cake, you can draw on it too ... with cookie cutters.

Here is a baby shower cake I made for my sister.  After you frost your cake simply make an impression in the frosting with any cookie cutter of your choice, as you can see I used a heart shaped cutter.  When your frosting has the cutter impression take your piping bag (or tube of frosting, if you purchased it from a store) and trace the heart, or whatever you are putting on your cake.  This will work with ANY cookie cutter, then you can decorate the inside of your picture any way you wish.

**this blog post is called cake decorating made easy, but the truth of the matter is, if you can't use a bag of frosting or frosting in any way, this will not work for you and I take no responsibility for any failures that may come from this blog post ... BUT if by chance your cake turned out fabulous and you wish to give me a lovely pat on the back I will gladly take it :)**


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