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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Soccer Party!!!!

So, my older boys are still playing soccer.  Their team's in the area playoffs right now and depending on how they do they could go to regionals; my little boys soccer season ended in November ... we're in January and still playing soccer, and in a few months we will be signing up for 2011s soccer season.

Despite the fact that we're still playing soccer the team is having the "end of season" party.  Can you guess what I'm bringing???  If you guessed cake - you're right.

My boys have grown accustom to my drawing on cakes.  This cake will be no different, but first I need a picture.  What better to use than the team banner.

After I crop the picture I print it to the size I want.  This, of course, has been zoomed out to fit an entire sheet of paper, I wanted the picture bigger but I can't print bigger than a sheet of paper.  

Since there are 10 players on the team we have to make the cake big enough for family too.
I've baked a square 14" cake for my canvas.
This cake is a marble cake with cookies and cream filling frosted with cream cheese frosting.  YUM!  

See the blue stripes on my canvas?  I was so happy I found a blue can of color mist in my decorating supplies.  Since I can't have a food safe airbrush machine I will have to settle for the 
Wilton food color spray.  Hey - it works.    

The Cake.

 I'm actually quite please with how this turned out.  I usually "trace" the pictures onto my cakes but circumstances didn't allow me to do that and I had to freehand the picture on to the cake.  Not too shabby.

Go Black Hawks


  1. thats pretty cool Liza!!! not to shabby with your freehand!

  2. Wow! Just found your site through your chore chart idea on pinterest, but I am seriously in awe of your baking and decorating skills! GREAT job on that freehand eagle - WOW! :)

  3. Thank you Melanie. I haven't been doing much with my decorating lately, but I'm trying to get back into it. Have a great day.